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these are the icon makers that got me to try my hand at icon making. some of them haven't updated in years, but i still go back to their posts for inspiration.

i tried something a bit different. i used a few of my old icons and saw what i could do to make them different. i wasn't being lazy i promise! i just loved some of the crops so much, i thought it would made perfect sense to reuse them as they really say a lot about me and the things/ppl i love to icon.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket [01-05]

these are some of my favorite shows from the last few years and also the ones i've "iconed" the most.

lost, supernatural, gossip girl, true blood

Photobucket   Photobucket  [06-10]

this is a mixture of movies that i love and also includes my favorite cap, crop, everything for the star wars icon. my current obsession for anything andrew garfield/emma stone related is reflected as well, lol.

lost in translation, v for vendetta, the avengers, star wars, the amazing spiderman

 Photobucket  Photobucket  [11-15]

i don't know why or how it happened. but for whatever reason, ever since i started making icons, i developed a love affair for kirsten dunst...and blonde actresses in general. something about their hair just comes across so well in an icon. also, the britney one is probably my favorite icon ever.

lee pace, kirsten dunst, emma stone, britney spears, santigold


this is my miscellaneous section and yet i couldn't resist making another kirsten dunst icon :/. i made two of the icons just because i found the caps interesting while the other two were done because a) i'm a sneaker head and b) i LOVE jensen ackles.


 Photobucket    [01-05]

- goodbye 20inspirations. this community will be missed for sure.

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